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Anti Money Laundering Training Master Class
Join us for the AML Master Class, held in a private classroom NYC, and taught by the world-renowned expert on AML, L. Burke Files. This class examines advanced theories and actual cases histories of money laundering, how to identify it before it occurs, and how to apply emerging technologies to address it. Graduates of this Master Class will be able to assume AML leadership positions and lead AML teams within their firms.

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included in your tuition of $1,995.

Also Available: AML Introductory Class

AML Bootcamp
We also offer an introductory Anti Money Laundering Class to help professionals understand and identify the basics of money laundering schemes.

AML Master Class Outline

The graduates of this class will be able to assume any leadership and or supervisory role for an AML team.


Day One

  • What is money what is value?
  • Why is it called money laundering and what is a smurf?
  • Black markets cannot exist if the white markets are not screwed up
  • The finer points of running a front company for laundering cash
  • Laundering cash from a bit or in bulk
  • Smuggling
  • Trade Based Money Laundering – this is big
  • Art and collectables
  • Use of real estate
  • Intangible assets
  • Using stock markets
  • Using the courts to launder your money
  • An army of nominees nominally controlled and guppies

Day Two

  • Money Laundering and Corruption
  • Money Laundering and Financial Fraud
  • Money Laundering and Tax Management
  • Use of Offshore and On shore centers for Money Laundering
  • Exotics
    • Warehouse receipts
    • Laundering money on line, gaming, and digital currency
    • Free Trade Zones
    • Using The Tax Man
    • The Corporate Treasury Function
    • The balance sheet
    • Lawyers Trust Account
    • The bank is taking your money


This is a participative class similar to a guided workshop. The presentation is interactive. This is one of the finest classes on AML offered anywhere.




Learn precisely what Money Laundering is, and how to identify it in its various forms - even some which are unexpected and surprising - and the various regulatory bodies and their AML rules and regulations.


Come explore the newest developments in Anti Money Laundering tactics, methods, and cutting edge technology - and how you can detect and prevent Money Laundering in your firm.


Join your peers in this AML Master Class to discuss how Money Laundering is being addressed in each of your firms, discover new methods and ideas to detect and prevent Money Laundering.
Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert

This is your opportunity to ask questions to a world renowned expert in Money Laundering, with the experience and expertise to provide the answers that can't be found anywhere else.

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